Today companies face increasing demands for financial statement transparency, while the demand on auditors simultaneously gains pace.  We take responsibility by providing contemporary auditing solutions. We are able to meet the highest demands and assist you with clear reporting, highlighting the opportunities and risks that your company faces.

Assumption of mandates as statutory auditors

As your auditor, we take over a variety of tasks from advising you on selecting the best audit option, to the verification of accounting and financial statements conforming to the current law and statutes of your company. Additionally, we provide you with an explanation of all risk-based audit approaches

Audit of the formation

To ensure that your company has the correct legal entity structure, we can act as an independent third party in the review process of the nature and condition of the legal entity structure. This ensures accuracy and completeness of all formation documentation and reports.

Audit of capital increase (ordinary and conditional)

As your auditor, we check the capital increase report of the Board. The goal is to protect the company, its shareholders and creditors, as well as to ensure the future sustainability of the company. After examining the capital increase report, we confirm its completeness and accuracy to the Board.

Special tests

In addition to the usual controls and audits, we offer custom reports and insight into to the agreement and contract, including examples such as additional tests for the statutory audits, a detailed review of the financial statements or the evaluation of specific audit areas within the financial statements of your company.


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