Corporate Domiciliation

For national and international companies, we offer representative and official business domiciles.

We can offer you the following services:


c/o adress  CHF 500.– per year
Independent business address CHF 800.– per year
Weekly mail forwarding (excluding postage) CHF 60.– per month
Scanning and electronic forwarding CHF 60.– per month
Processing supplier invoices * CHF 80.– per month
(All prices are excl. VAT)


* This service is exclusively for clients for whom we prepare  financial statements.  Supplier invoices are entered directly into the accounting system and the respective payments captured. Customers then receive a payment file, which needs to be uploaded and confirmed via e-banking. The accounting is therefore always up-to-date and, with our Web solution, customers have real-time access to their information. A flat rate of CHF 80.– per month includes 20 supplier invoices. Additional expenses will be charged with the usual hourly rates.